Best Products for Men's Hair


At A Closer Look, we want your look to go beyond our Barber Shop, even days and weeks afterwards. Therefore we provide our customers with a quality selection of hair care products specifically suited for their needs. Stop by our shop to get these awesome products for your hair.

  • Design Essentials® Nutriment RX Créme Hardress is a daily moisturizer that eliminates dryness and restores moisture balance.

  • Design Essentials® Herbal Complex 4 hair and Scalp Treatment is a compound of four essential herbs - Black Indian Hemp, Ginseng, Horsetail and Rosemary - used to moisturize the hair and alleviate dry scalp.

  • Design Essentials® Express Instant Moisturizing Conditioner is a lightweight blend of moisturizers that provides rapid results (1-3 minutes) and can be used on all hair textures.

  • Design Essentials® Stimulations Super Moisturizing Conditioner is for especially dry hair with essential botanicals and a refreshing aroma-therapeutic peppermint scent that calms and soothes the scalp.

  • Design Essentials® Moisture Retention Conditioning Shampoo is a moisture preserving, gentle cleansing shampoo that can be used daily.

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